Windows 10 1803 “Spring Creators” Update – How To Fix 0x800f081e Errors

Typically, Windows will present errors with particular codes – 0x800f081e being one of the latest. This code stands for CBS_E_NOT_APPLICABLE – which means that a particular “package” (the update) is deemed “not applicable” to the system.

In a nutshell, this error is caused by your system having a setting or package which is not compatible with the installed update. In the case of the 1803 Windows 10 update, this is typically Windows Media Player.


It's either the case that your system has Windows Media Player installed, or the system is trying to install a fresh version of it on the system. The newly updated version may not * be compatible with your underlying system.

To fix this, you need to remove Windows Media Player from your current system, and ensure that it's not going to be installed by the new update as well. To do this, you firstly have to remove the application from your “Add / Remove Programs” feature inside Windows, and then ensure that there are no rogue settings inside the system.


1. Remove Windows Media Player

The first step is to remove WMP from your current Windows 10 system.

This can be done by following these steps:

  • Press “Windows” + “R” keys on your keyboard (loads “Run” dialogue)
  • Type <code> optionalfeatures.exe </ code> and press <kbd> ENTER </ kbd>
  • Expand "Media Features" from the tree list
  • Deselect "Windows Media Player"
  • Click "Yes" if an alert box appears
  • Restart your PC

After restarting, you will need to determine whether the system will be able to apply the update or not. This may take some time (Windows 10 has to re-download any new updates each time they are created).

In the meantime, you should perform some maintenance on your system:

2. Run "Disk Cleanup" tools

The next step is to remove any damaged or damaged elements that may be causing issues for your PC. This can be done using a number of core elements within Windows 10 itself:

  • Click on the "search" box on the bottom left of the taskbar (press Windows + S keys on your keyboard if you do not have one)
  • Type "disk clean-up"
  • Click on the icon which shows
  • Select "Clean up System Files"
  • Let it scan through your system
  • Remove any junk files that it finds

After doing this, you should also use the "SFC" (System File Checker) applet from within CMD:

  • Into the "search" box (bottom left taskbar), type "command"
  • When "Command Prompt" loads, right click and select "Run As Administrator"
  • Into the CMD box, type "sfc / scannow" and press Enter
  • Let the system scan your files
  • Once complete, restart your system

Upon restarting, this should allow your system to download the latest version of the 1803 update - it should install correctly if you removed the Windows Media Player reference from your system's installed applications.

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Time to Check Out The Fitbit Versa

The selection of smart watches continues to grow.

For those wishing to improve their fitness tracking or simply monitor emails, you can find a smart watch for nearly every wrist and budget.

The latest entry in this category is the Fitbit Versa.

The Versa, priced at $ 199, is designed to compete with the Apple Watch, and at its core, it does just that.

The Versa performances as well as smart watch as well as a fitness tracker. It works with Apple, Android and Windows devices.

The watch features Fitbit Today so you can check your daily health statistics and check them against your goals. There are also guided move reminders and breathing sessions.

Fitbit fans will notice the Versa has a different look than the older and more expensive Ionic. It has a wider, square face with metal finishes. It is sleeker and thinner than the Apple Watch and comes with a standard rubber band with more strap options.

The touch screen is more responsive than the Ionic. There are three buttons to handle shortcuts for music controls, notifications, exercise start times and alarms. All buttons are customizable to your individualized preferences.

Versa has decent battery life. Fitbit says you can get four days of running time from the device.

You can take it to bed, check the time, set alerts and track your sleep. It even has a vibrating smart alarm to wake you up.

Software has been updated. Those with the iPhone and OS will notice fitness tracking stats include more data. You can scan weekly progress, see recent workouts and observe your resting heartrate. Unlike other Fitbit versions the Versa is waterproof.

Fitbit has created some options for the watch with its own app store called the App Gallery. It can be launched from the Fitbit app.

50 app options are available. You can choose to change the watch face, monitor the news and stock market. Others can control your lights and help you pay the bill at Starbucks.

Some of the watch faces are attractive and others are not. If you like variety you may be disappointed as you can only store one at a time.

Changing faces also takes some doing. The Fitbit app is a slow loader. It can require the watch to be connected to Wi-Fi through a manual connection from the app running on whatever phone you are using.

While cheaper than the Apple Watch Series One, the Versa does have some areas where it falls short of the more expensive competition.

You can not answer phone calls. Responses to texts can only be made through a compatible Android phone.

Versa only has 2.5GB of onboard music storage. Tracks in most cases have to be downloaded from a computer. This pales in comparison to Apple Watch's syncing with Apple Music. Some other brands do a better job in this area as well.

Apple Pay is widely known and widely used. Fitbit also has a pay option but it may be difficult to find banks and institutions it supports.

There is no Siri, no microphone, and no automatic call-to-action assistant. The find-my-phone app on the Apple Watch is not included. Maps are missing and there is no onboard GPS. Runners and athletes may wish to still opt for the more app complete Ionic or Apple Watch Series 3.

Still the Versa has much on the plus side. Most will find it attractive, comfortable and fun to wear.

It provides a nice alternative for those willing to forgo the added features, and the price, of the Apple Watch and other higher-end competitors.

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3 Ways to Fix ‘This Device Cannot Start (Code 10)’ in Windows 10

“This Device Can not Start (Code 10)” error means that your system is unable to communicate with certain pieces of hardware.

Whilst often suggesting a hardware issue, it * can * be caused by faulty software / system settings.

The most common reason is an incompatibility driver, an issue aggravated by the recent upgrade to Windows 10.

If you're seeing the error, there are 3 ways to fix it. If these 3 ways do not work, it's likely the hardware is damaged and should be replaced:

1. Update Driver

The most important thing is the driver; the small piece of software required by Windows to “talk” to the hardware.

Because hardware receives electrical signals, a set of files are required to translate Windows' outputs into machine code / binary.

These binary signals tell your hardware to perform certain tasks. If you do not have the appropriate drivers for your device / system, Windows will be able to communicate with it.

To fix this, you need to first “uninstall” the driver that's on your system already. Windows 10 will actually put many “default” drivers for hardware it does not recognize, which though means the likes of your keyboard, monitor and mouse working out of the box, will actually lead many less popular devices from functioning at all.

By removing – and then reinstalling – the driver, you stand the best chance of getting the hardware running again.

The steps are as follows:

  • Right-Click on the “Start” button (bottom left / taskbar)
  • Select “Device Manager”
  • When DM loads, locate the device not working
  • Right-click and select “Uninstall”
  • This will remove the hardware from that list, but will likely immediately show up again
  • At this point, you need to go online and see if you can download a later driver. The manufacturer's website is the best place to get Win10 drivers, but there are also some other good resources such as where you can find decent drivers.
  • Once you have a copy of the actual driver, right-click on the hardware inside Device Manager and select “Update Driver Software”
  • This will present you with a screen with two options – Select “Browse my computer for driver software”
  • Load up the driver you downloaded
  • If it works, this should resolve the code 10 error in 90% of cases.

2. Install Dependent Software

One of the main reasons why the Code 10 error appears is because Windows does not have the appropriate software to actually run the hardware.

This is more than just drivers, there are a number of executables & libraries – namely .NET and Visual C ++ redistributable packages – which often cause issues deep within the system. The most basic reason to explain is that these applications essentially provide a series of “libraries” for core Windows features. If one of these libraries becomes corrupted, is incompatible or outdated, your system may suffer as a result.

The best thing to do in this instance is to install a series of applications which could be missing from your PC. If any of these applications help resolve the issue, you can keep them – if not, you can just uninstall them. I will note the application and where to download it below:

  • Visual C ++ 2017 Redistributable – Search for “Visual C ++ 2017 redistributable download”, click the first link and then proceed to download & install the appropriate VC ++ redist package for your version of Windows
  • .NET Framework 4.7.1 – search for “.NET 4.7 web installer”, click the first link and then download the application directly from Microsoft
  • Windows 10 SDK – search for “Windows 10 SDK download”, click the first link and download the update for your system
  • Windows Update – “Start”> “Settings”> “Windows Update”> “Check for Updates”

3. Remove, Clean and Re-Insert The Hardware

Whilst this only applies to removable hardware (modular graphics / sound cards, USB sticks etc), it's still very valid.

One of the main reasons why Code 10 shows is either that dust got into the connectors, or one of the slots on your motherboard is faulty.

Whilst a seemingly mundane resolution, taking out the hardware, cleaning it a little with a duster and replacing in another slot may actually resolve the issue. This is especially true with the likes of RAM and other detachable components.

If you're not comfortable doing this, you should seek the help of someone who's qualified.

Nonetheless, if you do wish to proceed, you need to turn off your system and remove the power connector from the wall. You may also wish to wear an anti-static band … although I severely do this and fortunately have not experienced any issues yet.

From this point, you just need to open your system's case and remove the component required. I then use a dry duster to remove any dust that may be caught inside.

When clean, I replace in a different slot – after cleaning this with the duster too. The process should only take maybe 2 minutes and then I power the system back on. It can sometimes be the case that the system will recognize the RAM as different, allowing it to work in a slightly different way.

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The Needs for Maintenance Increases With Technological Advancement


The needs for maintenance increases with technological advancement in production facilities, in order to achieve sustained and increased production level, rigid production schedules, increase machine utilization and market competitiveness.
Maintenance is a key process of production activity, the lack of which would result in damages that would be costly in terms of repairs and time frame. The penalies for failure to do so are incapable. Therefore there is a need to introduce planned and effective preventive or corrective maintenance system.

Excessive machine breakdown shortened machine life span, loss of production output, lower quality of facilities / products, excessive overtime cost and loss of profit are bound to characterize its activities.

Companies stand to gain a lot if they can inculcate a maintenance culture. An efficient maintenance scheme is not only an integral part of the production, leading to increased output and reduced cost, but also a catalyst for the attainment of efficient utilization of installed production facilities, a major continuity factor to the promotion of economic growth.

Types of Maintenance.

1. Planned Maintenance: This is further broken into:

i. Effective Preventive Planned Maintenance

ii. Corrective Planned Maintenance

Planned maintenance, the vehicle for productivity, noting that before the present economic crisis in some countries of the world. Some countries of the world example Nigeria did not possess any record of maintenance culture but instead preferred to discard damaged machinery in preference to new ones. However, the downturn in the economy has now compelled us to look inward, gone are the days when we would discard machinery for a new one. Today, the replacement values ​​of a high number of our plants and machinery are simply prohibitive.

Therefore, production companies have been advised to adopt a planned maintenance culture as opposed to one that is not planned. Planned maintenance is further broken into preventive and corrective planned maintenance.

The first seeks to prevent breakdown and any emergency repairs that may lead to the downturn by assuring that inspections, adjustment, overhauls, testing repairs and replacement to worn out parts are carried out as planned interventions to avoid disruption of service.

On the other hand, the corrective maintenance involves the restoration of a facility to an acceptable standard, when it has fallen short of its expectation as a result of progressive deterioration or sudden failure.

1. Effective Preventive Planned Maintenance.

As earlier stated the effective preventive planned maintenance prevent breakout and any emergency repairs that may lead to the downturn by assuring that inspections, adjustment, overhauls, testing repairs and replacement to worn out parts are carried out as planned interventions to avoid disruption of service.

There are two approaches to the maintenance of plant or equipment.

i. Allow it to run until it breaks down and then carry out repairs.

ii. Regularly test and inspect it: –

(a) Replace worn parts

(b) Oil and grease adequate parts

(c) Revanish windings

This must be done because it will prevent breakdowns as far as possible. This approach depends in part on the process being carried out. A break down may result in a period of non-production with loss of revenue from the plant. It may cause considering damage to the associated plant.

The breakdown of an oil pump providing lubrication for a gear-box on a large piece of equipment could cause the gear-box to be wrecked. The failure of a circuit breaker attempting to open to clear a fault could cause severe burning and disruption of the system. On the other hand, the failure of a vacuum cleaner motor in the house would probably be merely inconvenient.

Preventive maintenance does not generally prevent breakout altogether but minimizes their presence. Such work can often be carried out during periods of light loading on the factory or during the holidays of the production staff rather than at the most inconvenient time, which is when break always seem to occur.

However, routine maintenance allows the work to be employed steadily for periods of the year instead of day and night, sometimes during periods of breakdown. The frequency of testing and inspection will also depend on one or more of the following factors.

1. Equipment and the environment.

For instance, a fully submersible pump with an electric drive working in an acidic fluid, running intermittently for 24 hours each day would be more likely to fail in service than a small motor is driven fan, running one shift per day, used to ventilate a small workshop in which light assembly work is carried out. The interval between checks on the submersible pump would need to be shorter than for the fan.

2. The plant history.

Where a plant has a record of failure at regular intervals or when inspections previously took place, worn parts were generally found. The periods between inspections would be shortened to allow parts to be replaced before conditions could be created which would lead to break-down.

3. Plant running hour.

Electronic apparatus using printed circuit boards might be allowed initially to run to failure. In the light of the experience gained, failure board or unit charges might be made after less than the mean time to failure.

Where electric motor and generator brush gear is concerned, the experience will show how many running hours' results in brushes wearing down to unsafe lengths. Having established this period, brushes will be damaged after the plant has run say 20% less than the critical time.

4. Availability of Plant for testing.

Certain plants are only available for testing and maintenance at fixed intervals so that all work other than breakdown maintenance must be carried out at this time. Steam boilers, for example, may run for 14 or 26 months, according to type, between statutory inspections. This may fix the period between inspections for non-duplicated auxiliary equipment.

The plant maintenance engineer generally plans at least one year ahead when the running program for the factory is known. The availability of spare parts has to be checked and orders placed were thought necessary.

Inspection and tests are detailed under “essential” and “optional” headings, and a length of time and number of staff available will determine how many jobs can be transported out simultaniously. The progress has to be such that the whole plant can be returned to service when required for production.

Failure to do so results in financial loss and the amount of this loss is one measure of the effectiveness of the maintenance department. Some of the optional jobs may have to be held over until another time.

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0Xc0000076 Error in Windows 10

The 0xc0000076 error is caused by a lack of a “library” on Windows, typically Visual C ++, DirectX or similar.

The error shows when you are trying to run a “large” application such as a game or some sort of graphics application. It is caused because the application will require an element from the library, which is either not installed or not accessible on your system.

The error will typically show as “0xc0000076” or more commonly “0xc000007b” error, cited after the application tries to load.

The way to resolve this problem is to ensure that you have the appropriate library / dependencies required by the application to run. It should resolve 90% of the issues with the error.


The typical error message for the 0xc0000076 error is as follows:

The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000076)

The key to fixing this is to understand that every application on Windows requires a series of “libraries” or “dependencies” to help it run.

These libraries are stored on the hard drive as DLL files, applications such as DirectX and “redistributable” packages such as Visual C ++. Whilst Microsoft distributes most of the most popular libraries, there are a number provided by other companies too.

The bottom line of the 0xc0000076 error is that your system is unable to load the dependencies required to run the application.

Solution Steps

1. Reinstall Visual C ++

Visual C ++ is typically the culprit here. It is a collection of programs distributed by Microsoft to help enhance the functionality of Windows.

Unfortunately, like many things “Microsoft”, they've overcomplicated it – making VC ++ a totally third party download and splitting up between different versions, each of which has to be downloaded in order to provide the required functionality.

Unfortunately, it is often the case that even if the VC ++ is installed, it becomes damaged or corrupt, preventing applications from reading it correctly.

The first step to fixing the 0xc0000076 error, therefore, is to ensure you've installed the latest versions of the required VC ++ redistributable packages …

  • In Windows 7, click on “Start”> “Control Panel”> “Add / Remove Programs”
  • In Windows 10, right-click on “Start” / “Windows” button> select “Programs and Features”
  • From the list that appears, select any versions of “Microsoft Visual C ++ Redistributable”, and NOTE DOWN their year number (this is important)
  • After notifying the years, you should then right-click each of the lists and select “Uninstall”
  • After uninstalling them, restart your PC
  • After restart, you'll need to browse to Google and look for “Microsoft latest visual C ++ packages”
  • For each of the “years” that you noted down before, download the appropriate download and install.

A quick note on this topic – when you download each VC ++ package, you'll be asked whether you want the “x64” or “x86” version. This corresponds to the “architecture” of your system.

If you're not sure which version of Windows you have, you need to do the following:

  • Press “Windows” + “R” keys on your keyboard
  • In the “Run” dialogue, type “dxdiag” and press “Enter”
  • When DXDiag shows, look for the “Operating System” listing
  • Take note of whether it's 64-bit or 32-bit-64-bit is x64 and 32-bit is x86
  • From there, you should install the various VC ++ packages and then let it run.

2. Update DirectX

Next, you need to update DirectX.

DirectX is a core element of Windows which allows your system to run 3D graphics etc.

Unfortunately, due to many games etc putting their own versions of DirectX files onto your system, it is often the case that applications will show a large number of errors etc with it.

If this is the case, you'll want to install the “update” to DirectX which should replace any of the potentially damaged files it may have …

  • Click on “Google” and look for “DirectX Download” – click the first link
  • Click on the orange “Download” button
  • Click “No thanks and continue”
  • Save the file to your hard drive
  • Open the application and click through the process (make sure you do not accept the “Bing Bar” scamware)
  • Let it install the files required to update DirectX
  • Restart your PC

Once your PC has restored, you should proceed to the next step.

3. Reinstall.NET

.NET is similar to the above two dependencies, in that it provides a large number of features, files and settings required to get Windows working properly.

Unfortunately, like the others, it can become damaged or corrupted. If this is the case, you'll want to update it to the latest version, which can be done with the following:

  • In Windows 7, click on “Start”> select “Control Panel”> “Add / Remove Programs”
  • In Windows 10, right-click on “Start” / “Windows” button> select “Programs and Features”
  • From the dialogue that shows, click on “Turn Windows features on or off” – Uncheck “.NET 3.5” and “.NET 4.6.2” and then click “OK”
  • Let the uninstall process happen & restart your PC
  • After restart, you'll want to look on Google for “.net web installer”
  • Click the orange “Download” button and then proceed to install the package.

This will replace any of the.NET framework files which may be damaged or corrupted on the system. This will basically reset the majority of dependencies on your system which * could * be damaged.

Further to this, you'll also want to ensure any “registry” errors are cleaned out on your PC …

4. Clean Out Registry Errors

Registry errors are caused when the Windows “registry” becomes damaged or corrupted.

The registry is a central database which Windows uses to store all the settings and options your system requires to run.

This database is responsible for everything from your desktop wallpaper to user avatar. Unfortunately, it can become damaged or corrupted – preventing your PC from being able to read the settings it requires.

To fix this, you'll be best cleaning it out with a “registry cleaner”:

  • Download a reliable registry cleaner tool (I only recommend CCleaner in 2018 which is available from “Piriform” – just Google “CCleaner Download”)
  • Install the tool and load it up
  • Let it scan the registry of your system (other parts like Junk Files do not matter so much)
  • After the scan, clean / remove any of the problems it found
  • Restart your PC

This not only ensures you're able to fix any of the potential problems that your computer may have, but it also ensures that you're able to run the programs effectively.

5. Clean Out Malware & Reinstall Graphics Driver

If the above steps do not work, the next is to reinstall your system's graphics driver (yes, this is a valid cause of the error).

To do this, you'll want to download “DDU” (Display Driver Uninstaller) from Guru3D. This removes ** all ** of the graphics driver software that your system will have installed …

  • Click on the DDU download page: (you'll have to Google “DDU Download”)
  • Save the file to your system
  • Restart your PC into “Safe Mode”

To do this, there are varying ways depending on which version of Windows you're running:

  • In Windows 7, click on “Start”> “Restart”
  • When your system restarts, press F8 repeatedly on the keyboard before anything starts to load
  • This will bring up the “Advanced Boot Options” menu from which you need to select “Safe Mode”
  • In Windows 10, click on “Start” / “Windows” button (bottom left corner)
  • Select the “Power” button – Holding SHIFT, press “Restart”
  • This will bring up the blue “Recovery Environment” screen.
  • From here, pick “Troubleshoot”> “Advanced Options”> “Startup Settings”> “Restart”
  • When the system reboots, it will load the “Advanced Boot Options” screen from which you'll be able to pick “Safe Mode” From here, you'll enter “Safe Mode”.
  • You need to click onto the DDU application you downloaded and then let it run.
  • You'll want to pick “Clean and Restart (Recommended)”.

This will completely remove the graphics driver, which * should * resolve any remaining occurrences of the error. Let the system restart into “normal” mode and then try loading the application again.

Once in “normal” mode, you'll have to get the graphics driver installed again. In Windows 10, this will typically be done automatically. The point is that if you have some custom driver, it may be causing some sort of conflicts, which will be resolved by completely removing it with DDU.

If the above does not work, you may have a defect issue within Windows.

Apart from using a more powerful error cleaner tool, you may benefit from seeking more specific advice. To do this, I would advocate either seeing a repair guy (who 'll have * exactly * the same recommendations as me), or asking online.

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0X8007274c Error Fix for Windows 10

The 0x8007274c error shows in Windows 10 when your system can not sync to the IMAP account you specified.

The error generally shows with the Windows 10 Mail app, although it can also be caused by Outlook. There is a corresponding error code of 0x80072726 which can also show on some systems.

The error is caused by the connection to the IMAP server being blocked, most typically by your third party firewall. SVCHOST.exe is also sometimes blocked, preventing the sync from taking place.

The messages often show as:

“We're having a problem downloading messages.” Try again later. Error code 0x8007274c and 0x80072726 ”

In order to resolve the issue, you need to remove any of the potential blocks to the IMAP email connection.

The way to do this is to first ensure your mail app is set up correctly, then that your connection is not being blocked by your antivirus / firewall application.

If you're able to achieve this correctly, you should then be able to receive emails through your email client (be it Windows Mail or Outlook). The process should be relatively simple:


1. Temporarily Disable Any Third-Party Firewall

If you have a third-party firewall (AVG / Avast / Kaspersky / Symantec), you'll be best to temporarily pause it. This way, you'll be able to see if it's blocking the connectivity of your mail app to the IMAP server. You can do this by using the following steps:

  • Right-click on the antivirus / firewall icon in the bottom-right-hand Windows taskbar.
  • From the menu which appears, look for “pause” or “temporarily disable”
  • Select for 10 minutes or whatever the corresponding option is

Whilst this will leave your PC temporarily exposed, we can just restart after testing out the mail app once more.

Now you need to go onto your mail app and see whether it will download the email this time, or not. If not, it means you need to specifically allow the svchost.exe file in the core elements of Windows.

2. Allow SVCHost.exe Through The Windows Firewall

SVCHost.exe is used by Windows to help services operate on your system. Whilst this application generally works fine, it will sometimes be blocked because it's trying to access files / services that it should not.

If you are still experiencing the 0x8007274c (or 0x80072726) error, you should try making an “exception” for this application in Windows Firewall:

  • In the search bar at the bottom left of the screen, type “Windows Firewall”
  • Click on the app which appears first in the list
  • From the menu which loads, select “Allow an App or Feature through Windows Firewall”
  • Add a new app, with the directory URLs: -C: WindowsSystem32svchost.exe -C: WindowsSYSWOW64svchost.exe
  • After it has been added, rename it to “Host Process for Windows Service” and then click “OK”

You should then test the Mail app again after this. If it works then you've solved the issue (for now).

If not, you'll have to perform the same process with Windows Defender …

3. Allow SVCHost.exe Through Windows Defender

Windows Defender is the default antivirus app that comes with Windows 10. If the above steps did not work, you'll have to add svchost.exe to its excluded apps:

  • From the lower-right hand corner of the taskbar, select the small blue shield and right-click
  • Select “Open” from the menu that appears
  • Click “Settings”
  • Scroll down to “Exclusions”
  • Add exclusion
  • Select “” Exclude a exe, com or str process “and exclude the following: C: WindowsSystem32svchost.exe & C: WindowsSYSWOW64svchost.exe
  • Restart your PC

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So Many Apps, So Many Ways To Track Everything You Do, Say, Think, Read, Watch Or Buy

Or rent, borrow, steal, consider, shop for, plan, or whom you love, hate, or admire. They'll know your dreams, passions, hobbies, politics, and then AI (artificial intelligence) will classify you as good, bad, valuable, or worthless to the system. In the last case, you will not be needed or wanted by the growing state, authority, powers-that-be, and global control. Think it will not happen? Really … well, I've got news for you it's already happening here at home, and while it is much more obvious in China as it is out in the open and openly stated by their Communist Government, we really are not that far behind. Let's talk shall we?

The topic is: Freedom, Liberty, and Personal Privacy in the age of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. So, let me take you through an easy to consider thought experiment and set of circumstances, and I'll do it in laymen's terms. Ready?

Recently, Amazon had a press release on how they planned to deliver packages inside your front door, using their special smart-home lock and security system, then a few months later they announced they would deliver packages into your car, as long as you had On Star, which allows you to use an “unlock feature” if the user shares those two Apps together. This strategy makes a lot of sense for apartment dwellers or those who live in high-rises, deliver to the car, it's easier for everyone, plus if you work (meaning you have money to buy stuff online) at a big corporation, chances are good you park your car in the corporate parking lot all day, have it delivered there, better than leaving it on the porch so the package might be stolen right? Sure – but, let's talk about where all this is going?

Do you have a fitness app? Do you use mapping software? These Apps keep track of your location, your exact location via GPS. If Amazon has your car's location at all times, or anytime you have a package ordered for something, you've once again given away your location to their cloud. Not that your location information is not already known through other Apps. Are you beginning to see how this information about you impedes any hope for autonomy or privacy?

Not worried yet? Well, I guess I am not either, but I am sure you also see the future and the writing is on the walls – Resistance is Futile (period).

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How To Start Avira Antivirus Service When It Doesn’t Respond To Clicks Or Attempts To Open

Avira Antivirus has gained popularity as a no-nonsense, reliable, antivirus system from Germany. Unlike competitors including the likes of Kaspersky and Norton, Avira is often touted as being free of “bloatware” – meaning that it does what it's meant to without taking up too many system resources in the process.

We've found that Avira is a very good alternative to many of the more popular antivirus applications – delivering an effective solution without inhibiting your system's underlying performance. However, it does suffer from one core issue – which is that if you load it onto your system, it may actually appear to not load.

The way that Avira works is with a “loader” system. This works similarly to Windows' control panel and essentially means that you're able to manage your Antivirus / Internet Security / etc without having to load up each application individually. This loader is what most people experience as not actually showing after they install Avira.

The typical symptoms of the problem are that you will install Avira and then attempt to load it up by clicking on its icon (either from the desktop or the “quick launch” bar). Whilst your “click” registers (your system looks like it will actually be doing something), nothing happens.

The problem is that the Avira “service” is not loaded correctly. This is typically caused through a permission issue with Windows, but can have a number of other causes which are too numerous to note down.

The solution is to close Avira's service and then reload it. This should cause the system to load up on your screen, allowing you to either install / uninstall the various components you require, or to get the system running as effectively as possible:

  • Press Windows + R keys on your keyboard
  • Type “services.msc” and press OK
  • This will load the “services” window – scroll down to “Avira Service Host”
  • Right-click and select “Start”
  • Close the window
  • Double-click on the “Avira” icon again
  • This time, it should load

The most important thing to realize with this is that it's designed to run as smoothly as possible on as many systems as possible. If it does not load after performing the above, you will need to restart your PC and then try following the steps again.

There is often issues with services being called prior to an application loading, which have to be resolved by including the system can read the application correctly.

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Why Choose Branded Smartwatches For You Online?

You have to make sure of choosing the best online store for branded smartwatches. This would definitely help to find the ultimate quality one.

Do you wish to get a trendy smartwatch for you? Well, it is possible to enjoy lots of features when you try to get the perfect wearables for you. You never have to go out in the scorching heat of the sun to get the right quality smartwatch for you as you can get it online. Here you need to look forward to the genuine source where you would be able to stay yourself much confident of getting the perfect quality one that would add to your satisfaction. Therefore you should be quite serious in searching for the right and reliable store that would never let you compromise on their quality at all. When you search for the best Samsung smartwatches online it is quite important to find yourself knowledgeable about its features. This would definitely help in proving to be much useful to you. Some important aspects should also be considered if you wish to find the right and perfect quality products online

Look for its key features: You should definitely try to make sure of taking good steps to check for its key fealties that would help in identifying the perfect one for you. So, with your right choice, it would definitely help in choosing the right one that would suit your requirement. The best smartwatches would have features like sleep monitoring, heart rate monitoring, activity tracking and lots of other features that would prove to be much interesting. These types of smartphones are available for kids, men, and women that prove to be very useful as well.

Get the perfect delivery time: It would be possible for you to buy Samsung smartphones online that would help in getting it at the best rates. This would also lead to feeling that your right selection to get the best online store has exceeded your level of expectation out of it. By choosing from the different models it would definitely be possible to place your order online. You can also try to select from the different colors according to your choice. It would be possible for you to get the smartphone delivered your place. If you have any sort of questions then you should make sure to get it cleared by getting in touch with their customer care without any sort of hesitations.

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New Apple iPad Promises to Be a Learning Experience

Apple has launched its new 9.7 inch iPad.

Strongly focused on the educational market, the newly updated device is now available at Apple stores and is being shipped to schools.

Priced at $ 299 for students and $ 329 for consumers, Apple is trying to supplant Google-powered Chromebooks used by many teachers.

According to research from FutureSource Consulting, sales in the K-12 mobile PC market for 2017 saw strong upticks in sales for Google and Windows devices, and Declines for Apple's iPad.

Apple is hiring a new selling point, the addition of Apple Pencil support to this lower-end device, will spur interest and sales.

Previously the Pencil was available only the higher-end iPad Pro Tablets.

Apple has priced the Pencil at $ 89 for students. They envision kids to use the Pencil for art projects and similar school work.

The company has also boosted device storage for the educational models. 200 GB is available to help students work with and maintain larger projects. Others will find the standard models start with 50 GB.

Speed ​​could be a selling point. The iPad features its new A10 Fusion chip with a 40% faster processor for graphics performance.

It comes with a 64-bit architecture and four-core design.

Apple says the machine is “incredibly fast” and can easily handle editing a 4-K video, playing graphics-intensive games, or experiencing the latest augmented reality apps.

The device can provide Wi-Fi speeds up to 866 Mbps, and LTE speeds up to 300 Mbps.

Another feature is the ease of multitasking. Apple says you can work on your business plan, do some research on the web and make a FaceTime call to a friend, all at the same time.

Similar to other iPad models it comes with front and rear facing cameras. The front is an 8 megapixel lens with 1080p HD video capability.

There is an intuitive onscreen keyboard. Users can also employ a separate, compatible Blue Tooth version.

The device weighs in at just one pound and is only 7.55 mm wide for easy mobility.

Battery life should yield 10 hours with a single charge.

Additional features include a touch ID, new Dock app switching with iOS11, and the vibrant Retina display.

Along with the device, Apple is launching some new apps specifically for the classroom. One is actually called “Classroom” and lets users see what students are working on in class.

Another app is “Everyone Can Create” a sort of free curriculum of what kids can do on their iPads.

“ClassKit” is a platform that allow developers to create puzzles, tests and lesson plans for students.

Apple touts the apps and dozens of others will be put to good use by the educational community.

The new iPad comes in three different colors. Included is a new gold finish along with silver and space gray.

While Apple fans may take a hard look at this featured-enhanced lower priced iPad, it remains to be seen if it will stem the popularity of Android devices with educators and students.

The tech giant may need to go back to class to learn how to turn their sinking educational fortunes around.

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