Avoid The Flu With A Clean Cell Phone Screen

This year, we've seen the worst flu season in many years. In fact, because of the type of flu strain that appears to have reached near-epic status, of those who received a flu vaccine, only six out of ten will avoid getting the flu. The good news is if you do get the vaccine and still contract the flu, your symptoms are said to be much milder. Even so, no one wants to be down and out for a week to ten days with this type of illness, so it's important to protect yourself as much as you can. That means frequently washing your hands, avoiding touching your face as much as possible, and taking extra precautions to clean the air and surfaces you come in contact with on a regular basis. That includes using anti-bacterial wipes on your desk and phone at work, and making sure you have a clean cell phone screen too.

How Do You Get The Flu?

Experts believe that you get the flu by coming into contact with someone who has the flu. If that person sneezes or coughs, the germs travel through the air and the tiny droplets land in your nose or mouth, gross. However, those airborne water droplets can also land on the surfaces around you. This is the 'viral' part of the sickness and it happens very easily. The statistics demonstrate a need for additional precautions to be taken, including cleaning things you touch regularly. One of those things is definitely your cell phone.

Maintain A Clean Cell Phone Screen

During flu season, you might want to avoid allowing a stranger or even a friend to use your cell phone, which is pretty good advice all the time actually. However, keeping your cell phone fairly sequestered will not keep it free from any particles that might be in the air. There are various companies that have made it easier for you to make sure you have a clean cell phone screen during flu season with screen cleaners. The two most popular product on the market are Microfiber Cloths, which can be erected right in your purse, pocket, or drawer in your desk and are microfiber patches of cloth, and Screen Cleaner Stickers, which are microfiber cloths that adhere to the back of your phone for easy access.

The Microfiber Cloths can be tossed into your washing machine periodically to ensure that they stay clean. Simply wash with like other common materials, and avoid bleach, fabric softeners or dryer sheets for the best results. Sticky Screen Cleaners are an easier alternative because they attach to your phone itself, and they usually come in a variety of designs. These can be washed by hand in a sink with some gentle soap.

You use your cell phone during the day quite a bit, touching it to your face and hands and checking it constantly. Even if you set it down on a table, or leave it in your open purse, airborne germs can come into contact with it. Microfiber is a great choice for cleaning your cell phone because it uses an electrical charge to attract and remove particles, dirt, and germs.

Take a look at some of the products that are out there, as there are many great options that can help you stay well this season.

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Let Us All Vote Online Now – Why Wait For The Future?

What happens in the future when we are all voting online in real-time? Can our society and civilization handle change at that rate of speed? Will it disrupt our culture and government, our entire system and country? Instantaneous voting would be nice, it would also harness the wisdom of the crowds, but is that a good thing with all this mass Cable TV media misdirection, that owns the mind of the masses with its daily propaganda?

Those in control would stay there, the people would demand it I suppose, but eventually get tired of BS and occasionally the powers that would have had to send down a scape goat of the political elite – or would people simply demand to 'drain the swamp 'often enough to keep the power base on edge, really bringing power back to the people? Let's talk.

One of our Think Tankers Cody Hunt in reflecting on this issue stated:

“I agree that this could catch citizens off guard and the speed of the policy implementation could create a system with less checks and balances. longer to put into effect.

Still, he agrees that such technology exists now and we could implement it and be all the better for it – Cody also states:

“I think the app should be used for policy polls and maybe even for elections. Everything should be at a local level and then on big policy changes or elections at the national level.

Okay so, you have concluded that we most likely should start off with a “Policy Poll” use first for the app. Yes, this is wise, plus it would help steer the country towards what the citizens want on a long-term basis where we make 5-10 plans, helping the on-going planning process stay smooth. Then introduce the app as an all inclusive voting app to ensure maximum turnout to ensure the will of the people, and greater-access. Smart.

Greater participation in voting and less apathy would make us all better citizens feeling that we are part of something much bigger, that our vote mattered and was counted and we could see the results almost immediately. It would give disillusioned voters buy-in, whereas before they felt alienated adding to their distrust in government and our leadership. Think on all this.

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How To Extend The Life Of Your Electronics

Maybe you've searched for a long time for a good cleaning agent for your electronics. You want something that is chemical-free and non-toxic, something that's non-abrasive and that will last a long time. That may seem like a tall order, and sometimes you've thought you need to find several different cleaners that will fit your needs. You'll be happy to know that one product can do everything you need it to do while keeping your electronics' screens looking brand new.

Screen Cleaners Extend The Life Of Your Electronics

Regardless of whether you have cell phones, iPads, TVs, or laptop computers, or all the devices under the sun, you have sent a lot of your hard-earned money on these devices. You want to keep them looking sharp and operating as long as possible. Replacing them can be very expensive. Some electronics need to be replaced sooner than normal because of lack of care and upkeep.

A very simple way to keep your devices lasting longer is to clean them regularly with products like screen cleaners, eliminating not only dust and grime, but also germs and bacteria.

Other Ways To Extend The Life Of Your Electronics

– turn them off when you are not using them

– do not leave your electronics by something extremely hot, like a furnace

– do not leave your electronics by something freezing, like a freezer

– do not leave your electronics exposed to the elements, like in the sun or on a patio or deck

– do not leave your devices in the car

– take advantage of the cases and protectors that are on the market

– keep them ventilated, especially laptops and gaming consoles

– with Apple products, make sure the device says it's ready to be unplugged before you disconnect any cables

– keep your device protection up to date (antivirus, firewalls, etcetera)

– do not keep your electronics on dirty surfaces, like the floor

– dust off your electronics once a month or so and then try to do a deep clean once every three to six months or so

– a more advanced tactic is to take apart your device for a deep clean, like taking the battery out of a phone and cleaning the connectors, but that's completely up to personal comfort level

– do not overcharge or abuse your devices, stick to only using what you need or charging what you need

– do not cheap out too much, studies have shown that if you buy too cheaper you end up paying more in the long run when you have to replace the device at triple the frequency

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The Right Way to Implement a Voice Assistant

Siri and Google Now have been in the wild for a while now and Microsoft recently came out with its own take on a personal voice assistant – Cortana. While these digital assistants are useful sometimes it is undeniable that voice is not the most convenient way to interact with your phone. Digital assistants have largely retained a fancy gimmick on high-end phones.

There are two primary reasons digital assistants have not taken off on mobile platforms –

  • Using voice commands is just plain awkward in public places and public places is where people mostly use their phone.
  • If one were to pull their phone and push a button before they can talk to their phone, they might as well push that extra button and see what is on the calendar instead of asking the assistant.

Amazon, a company which significantly played a 'me-too' role in consumer product space had a totally different take on voice assistants. They dreamed of and came up with a new product category altogether when they launched Echo – an always on, cloud powered voice assistant for home.

Echo (also called Alexa) was designed by Amazon to be a product that stays at home because Amazon figured that voice assistants are best suited for home usage. This is evident by the fact that they did not even bother to put a battery in it which is a bold move in today's world of mobile gadgets. Then they made it insanely easy to get Echo's attention. You just wake her up with a wake word (Alexa or Amazon are the only supported wake words for now) and then issue whatever command you want. Echo comes with seven sensitive microphones and can hear you from more than 10 feet away even in a noisy room. It can hear you even when it is playing music or talking to you. By removing the two major hurdles listed above, Amazon created a voice assistant that is actually useful and fun to use.

Like a phone that can do a whole bunch of things by installing apps, Echo can be used for many purposes too. It can play music, answer trivia, control smart devices, set alarms, manage calendars etc. I often hear people questioning the utility of Echo because their phone can do pretty much everything Echo can do. That was my first reaction to the product too but once I started using Echo, it slowly got on to me. I understand the power of an always connected voice assistant that I can just talk to from everywhere in the house without having to push any buttons.

Take setting a timer while cooking, for example. Previously, I would have to wash my hands, dry them, pull my phone, activate Siri and ask her to set a timer. She would do it and when the timer goes off, I would hear a faint sound on my iPhone's tiny speakers. Compare that to the convenience of just saying 'Alexa, set a timer for 30 seconds' and getting a notification that can be heard all over the house (yes, Echo comes with very good speakers). Once you get used to the freedom and convenience Echo offers, using a smart phone feet like an ordeal and every other digital assistant feels like they are from 1970s.

This is not to say Echo is the dream AI product from the future. It does manage to annoy you quite a bit sometimes by not being able to answer basic questions and not responding to you in a loud room. Echo's ability to answer general trivia questions is fairly limited.

To conclude, I think Amazon finally figured out how to make digital assistants useful and if you are one of those people who are skeptical about its usefulness, I would strongly recommend trying Echo for a little while and you would realize how inferior each other digital assistant is. Sure it can annoy you once in a while but you would ever learn to start living with her. In fact, I liked mine so much that I bought a second Echo for my bed room.

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Advantages Of Using Unmetered Dedicated Servers

As a business owner, you want to enjoy an unmetered dedicated server for yourself, which not only guarantees you unlimited bandwidth but also gives you the flexibility of managing and using your server properly. When you use these servers, you will proactively monitor the performance of your server and ensure that you get the best of your package. In this method, you will be charged for the speed of your port and not for the actual amount of data that you use, which is a huge blessing for you if you use streaming media for your business. You will not be sharing your port with anyone else; therefore, this gives you the sole control of your server. Here are a few advantages that you can experience, when you choose unmetered dedicated servers for your business.

Performance stability

When you share your port with other clients, it can create your server to slow down leading to reduced overall performance of your business. This is why an unmetered dedicated server can prove to be a huge blessing for you. Here, the port that you use is unshared and is exclusively available for you. You can manage streaming media content and other websites in a better way in this method because you are assured of their performance stability. Since there are no drops in servers speed, you can count on them to perform brilliantly during your peak business hours.

Customizations possible

An unmetered dedicated server is absolutely yours and therefore, you can do whatever you want with it. Sites, apps and platforms that are not supported on the traditional shared hosting or VPS hosting, are available without any hassles in these unshared servers. You can use it on any operating system that you want to download any app or site that you wish so that you can carry on with your digital operations in a very flexible way. If you are not comfortable with any of the settings of the server, you can alter the same to a setting that is alright with your systems, thereby making customizations a breeze to handle with!

Secured operations

This is probably one of the most important reasons as to why you need to choose unmetered dedicated servers for your business. In the shared server system, if you share your server with unscrupulous clients, your business runs the risk of being blacklisted or banned as a consequence of the other clients' operations. If your client does not have business ethics, there is also a possibility of digital scams where your confidential data is being stolen by him for his benefit. All of these messy problems are avoided when you use an unshared port. You can run your business in the most secure way and be answerable to the concerned entities only for the consequences of your business decisions.

Value for money

Yes, these unshared ports cost you more than the shared ports. However, they are worth every dime because they offer various benefits in the form of secured operations, unlimited streaming, complete freedom, excellent speed and high-quality features that make them so much more worthy than the traditional methods.

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Information Graphic

A well designed and presented infographic will help to simplify a complicated subverted and turn it into a captivating experience for the student. An infographic should be visually engaging, have a flow of a compelling story and contain subject matter of relevance to the target audience. The audience in this case could be a consumer or any other person who will not wait around to read a long and dull page. Some of the circumstances wherein infographic works best are on websites, for advertising campaigns, notice boards among others.

The infographic is targeted towards those individuals who are trying to lose weight. They may the first timers or they might have already tried before. To begin with, the infographic starts with addressing how many calories does one need everyday. This information is presented in two different ways. One lists average calorie requirements of both the genders based on their level of activity. The other information prescribes certain formulas and step by step instructions through which one person can calculate their calorie requirement even more accurately. The first option serves two different purpose.

The first one, it gives people a rough idea of ​​where their calorie requirement would lie so that those who are not going to calculate will benefit from this information.

The second one is that it provides a means to validate that those people who calculated their calorie requirement using the second option know that they have done it the right way because the calorie requirement would lie somewhere in between the ranges stated in the first option. Once the calorie has been calculated, people can move on to the next set of information which actually tells them what they need to do to lose weight. This has three different information. The first information is straightforward which tells them that they would need to reduce their calorie intake by 10 to 20% if they wish to lose weight. The second information within this set is that they could workout additionally apart from reducing the calorie intake to magnify the effect. The third information is meant to be a motivational factor as it clarifies several questions at once and helps them look at weight loss in a more believable and achievable way. The third set of information present people another important piece of information which is not directly related to weight loss but extremely important as it could turn out that some people might just rely on this infographic alone for their weight loss program. So this information presents the macronutrient composition for their daily food intake so that they not only know how much to eat but also what to eat.

I wanted to design the infographic in a simple and straightforward way. A lot of infographics which I have seen tend to over-complicate the information by making bad decision choices ending up defeating the purpose. I followed a simple strategy of presenting the information the information vertically in three different sets and with each set has different blocks of information aligned one after the other horizontally. The choices of colors were inspired by a lot of modern infographics which are in the circulation today. Each set of information also has an opening title to let the reader be aware of what the title is all about and it also hels connects it with the previous set and maintain the flow of information. The first and foremost limitation of this design was that I wanted to present certain formulas for calculating body fat composition and also wanted to embed a calculator which allowed people to input their daily calorie requirement which the infographic would have then responded with the kind of food they should eat and how much they should eat.

With this, it can be concluded that this basic information on weight loss which otherwise would have been dull and unattractive written in the traditional way or even with the help of a PowerPoint presentation turned out to be captivating and refreshing. So, infographic does work better than different styles of presentation in certain cases, however there is a very clear limitation to them which is that they can not present an exhaustive piece of information and also require lots of efforts and creativity to turn a single page of information into an infographic.

Elevator Speech
The year is coming to an end. A lot of people look forward to enjoy the long holidays up ahead right and many also look forward to getting in good shape. A lot of people would always cruise the net, get hooked on to bad advice, following crash diet plans and spend 1000 of dollars in buying magical pills that would help them get in shape. This infographic is exactly for these people so that know beforehand what works which also turns out to be the only thing that works. This guide is not meant to give diet plans, magical pill and food suggestions or ask you to starve to death but what it will give you in a simple and easy to understand way the facts to weight loss.

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Tips to Set Up Your Outside Security Cameras

Whether you have bought your new security system to deter the burglars and criminals or to keep an extra eye on the nanny, your system will absolutely start paying for its own worth right from the day you first install it.

However, set up and maintenance of your security systems could get a little messy when you are not a tech-pro! This does not mean that you need to worry! Just follow some ground rules and that's it.

So, here is a light reading for you to get low-down on the best tips for installing the new security gear.

Set up and Placement

Get your angles right!

Want to keep an eye on the sleeping baby? Place a cam over the cot. Hitting the road for vacations? Install one on the front door. Have tall trees and long shrubs? Get a camera or two for the backyard.

It is always important to capture the main areas of concern and record from the right angles. For instance, if you capture a person walking through the door, but are not able to see his face clearly, then your investment in the 'extra eyes' will go in vain. Another important tip is to get some additional mounting brackets in case you want to change the position of the cameras afterwards.

Put a name on each camera!

As all the security cameras are positioned in different parts of the house, you can easily get confused while viewing them all on a single screen. The best solution for this is to give different names to cameras placed in different rooms or areas.

For example, you can easily name the cameras installed in the backyard, kitchen or baby's room. All this makes your system more manageable and easier to view.

Switch to wireless for long distances!

Most wireless systems allow consolidating the cams in a good range of 100 meters from the base station, both for indoors and outdoors. This feature certainly makes the wireless cameras perfect for monitoring larger areas such as sheds, yards and other locations that could not be reached with the normal wire extensions of the wired surveillance system.

Usage and Monitoring

Turn on the motion sensing capabilities!

Modern security cameras are equipped with motion sensors to efficiently track suspicious activities. Get the most out of your motion sensors by placing them seven feet high and facing them slowly downwards. This position will make a good difference to its motion sensing capabilities.

Customize the modes and settings!

After setting up your cameras successfully, the next big task is to customize the image recording and the alarm settings. Fine-tune your recording modes and notification settings to get your system working and your cams recording just the way you want them to.

One example is adjusting the DVR / NVR recording settings. In the 'continuous' recording mode, all your footage gets saved on the disk space, whereas in the 'scheduled' mode, your DVR / NVR records only for the pre-mentioned time period.

Connect your cameras to the Internet!

When your cameras are connected to the internet, you can view every nook and cranny of your home from your PC, even when you are at work or on holidays. This obviously gives you some peace of mind that your hard-earned assets are guarded round the clock!

Maintenance and Software

Save power when not in use!

You can always save up the battery power and extend its life by tuning the camera's recording settings. For example, you do not need to switch on all the motion detectors when everyone's home. Another instance is that your visitors might get a little uncomfortable when they notice three cams monitoring them in the living room. So, the best solution is to set timers for the cameras as well as sensors and switch them off when you do not need them.

Make the most of the apps and software!

Your security system most probably has some special apps and software that you can use to get 200% out of them. For example, if your security provider is offering a specific mobile app or software, then you can certainly expect some special controls in contrast to general apps and software. These privileges may include customized email alerts and push notifications for motion detection. So, now you just need to do one or more clicks to watch what's going on back at home!

Talk to the Pro people!

Whatever system you buy from the market, there are high chances that you will need some help while getting started with your system. It could be when you are installing the cables, setting up the hardware or dealing with the software. Whatsoever it is, it never hurts to get some expert advice from the people who know are the best.

Have you got any tips? Please do share with us too!

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The Inherent Creepiness of Technology and the Betrayal of Privacy

We should all be concerned about how technology has not only only taken over our world but also our private lives as well. It would seem that there are only benefits to technology. But this is not the case as I will show in this article.

Modern technology is not as positive as it looks. It is much more sinister than it looks. Most people are not even aware of some of the negative background effects of technology that may be harmful or even dangerous to their well-being and peace of mind.

So much seems to be happening that is out of our view and beyond our control. It is far worse than the Brave New World that Huxley described many years ago. It is a world that not only watches us but also brings into our personal lives when we least expect it.

Our technological systems are increasingly moving information back and forth without bothering to inform us that they are doing so. They are parsing and analyzing it to determine the deeper meaning of what we say and do.

Therefore, technology is quietly but relentlessly invading our daily lives.

Here are some ways that technology routinely does this.

• When you use your smartphone to take a photo, it auto-uploads to Facebook without your knowledge or permission.

• Your email through free providers such as Google, Yahoo or Microsoft is not as safe as it may seem. There is no way for any you to know how your email is processed. There are virtually no tools to investigate it.

• Late at night, you may hear the hard drive whirring on your computer. The monitor is flickering even though nobody is using it. Is there someone really there or not?

• Bars in several cities have installed cameras that silently watch their clientele and make interviews about them from their physical characteristics. Then they use this information without your permission if they need to.

• Next generation wearable computers such as Google Glass may start regularly tracking where you are looking when you are on the internet. That information will then be sold to advertisers and others who are seeking a window into your mind.

• Your phone may listen for audio cues about where you are without your knowledge. Is that a football stadium announcer it hears? Perhaps you would like a discount coupon for the team's store. All of this may be processed in the background.

Therefore, we must make sure that we save ourselves from these technologies which are inviting our lives and discovering who we are without our knowing it.

Therefore, we should all take heart and make sure that we are careful with our technologies. Shut them down as often as possible. That may stop big brother from really watching you and gathering information about you and spreading it without your permission.

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How to Update Windows 10 Drivers

Wooooo! You're researching drivers for your computer! Sounds about as much fun as watching paint dry on a January afternoon while getting kicked with a frozen boot. Now, all kidding aside, drivers are extremely important to the functioning of your computer. Without them, all your hardware devices would not have the instructions that they need in order to work properly.

Every computer operating system is different and requires a different set of instructions to “talk to” your hardware components, such as wireless routers, printers, speakers, scanners, Bluetooth devices, etc.

Some people have had problems with their hardware devices not functioning with newer operating system versions. Having said that, you can solve this issue by downloading the proper Windows 10 drivers or to make sure your hardware products, as us tech nerds call them, communicate properly with your OS or operating system allowing you to keep streaming your retro 90's mix as much as it may annoy your millennial friends.

Now, a lot of times, people think that when their hardware equipment (remember what we said hardware devices are?) Is not working properly, that it is busted and needs to be pitched in the recycling bin.

Do not be a fool! Remain cool, because a lot of the time, the issue is often caused by old or out of date drivers. Yes, the driver is causing the issue. Now is not that interesting?

As well, when people upgrade operating systems, for example, moving to Windows 10 they will become aware that certain pieces of hardware that were working okay before are all of a sudden not functioning now. What could be causing this grief and frustration? In a lot of these cases, these problems are caused by driver incompatibilities. Incompatibilities, now that is a funny word. Try saying it fast 5 times in a row! Now getting back to our driver discussion, the driver worked fine with the old operating system, however with the new operating system, it is not working so good anymore.

Downloading a driver that the manufacturer has configured to Windows 10 will mean that your operating system will have no issue in understanding the instructions or in giving instructions to your hardware devices. “How do I obtain the proper drivers for my computer system?”, You may may wonder.

Well, we can certainly help you out with that. There are numerous ways to update drivers on your computer system.

One of these ways would include going to the manufacturer's website and trying to locate them there. Having said that, in certain cases, they can be hard to find and not very well laid out on their site. You have to be very careful not to download the wrong driver as this may cause huge issues for the hardware device and computer. Another way is to play around in the device manager are after clicking on the start button.

In the esteemed opinion of ourselves, the easiest and most grief-free way to update your drivers with the absolute latest versions is to use a designated driver updating software program. These software programs are created by teams of egghead software designers to scan your entitlement PC for out-dated drivers and then automatically move to the next steps to be installed on your computer system. Yes, that's correct, the software locations and downloads the correct drivers for your operating system and hardware devices. How cool is that?

Another top-notch trait of these software programs is regular system scans. What this leads is complete scans of your computer system are done on a regular basis. Why is this important you may ask? It is crucial, because hardware makers are regularly issuing new and improved versions of their drivers. New driver releases are often for fixing glitches from earlier driver versions and adding additional benefits to that piece of hardware.

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Latest Android App Development Trends to Watch Out in 2017

This article details on the recent trends to explore in the domain of Android app development for stimulating business growth. Every year, a wide spectrum of technologies used to launch with the core purpose of making our living more simple, more better.

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